Hello and thanks for visiting FF! I've always been a pony tail and high heels kind of girl with a sporty-chic style. Fitness has always been a big part of my life- I enjoy living healthy and balanced and feeling good. Since I spend a lot of time in workout clothes, I'm always on the hunt for stylish, versatile, fashion-forward fitness apparel. Why not look good while feeling good too! I feature new styles and brands I love that not only function well at the gym, but transition perfectly to any athleisure-ly activity. Think of me as your personal gym stylist. Fashionably Flexy is my outlet to share my love (aka obsession) of fitness apparel and athleisure style to inspire YOU to be fashionably fit! Because strong is beautiful and being fit is always in style. #flexandbesexy #sweatinstyle #gymtochic

I cover 3 topics: Fashion, Fit Food, and Workouts. The fashion aspect is my passion, but I also share my personal workouts, favorite exercises, nutrition tips, and favorite fit food recipes. ALL things fitness to stay #flexy! I love hearing from you so feel free to reach out!

FEATURED | SHAPE MAGAZINE ONLINE FEBRUARY 2015 | '10 Bloggers with the Best Workout Clothes & Athleisure Style on Instagram' 

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